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Ep 09 – Descent, Part 1

Descent, Part 1 Written by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee Read by Veronica Giguere To commemorate the anniversary of the Invasion, Verdigris has planned something big. It’s up to the heroes of Echo and CCCP to be ready. Download the episode here

Ep06 – You’re Only Human

You’re Only Human Written by Veronica Giguere and Mercedes Lackey Read by Veronica Giguere As the only non-meta in Echo’s inner circle, Ramona Ferrari is an easy target for Verdigris’ wrath. Download the episode here

S7E01 – Enemy Mine, Part 1

Welcome to Season Seven: Run Silent, Run Deep. Intro/outro music is “Exciting Trailer” from Kevin MacLeod at Enemy Mine, Part 1 Written by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin Read by Veronica Giguere Download the episode here.