Author: Cody Martin

Born on February 10, 1987 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cody currently resides in Florida where he’s a student, “sturdy worker”, and hopeful writer. Having only recently finished with high and moved on to college, Cody doesn’t have much to his name as of yet. An Eagle Scout, self-described anarchist, and avid gamer, Cody met the other authors for the Secret World Chronicles by happy chance while gaming. It was through his talks with Steve, Misty, Dennis and Andrew that he rediscovered his love of writing (something he took stabs at, and lacking time, dropped when he was somewhat younger). Almost two years later, he is still pursuing his goal of writing professionally, (as one would hope would be obvious) while still figuring out what his purpose in life is.

“John Murdock, the character that I’ll be contributing for, is basically an amalgamation of all of the reluctant heroes I’ve read about, seen in movies, and generally looked up to as a youngster. Being the first character that I’ve seriously written for, he’s also got a good deal of myself in him. I’ve always been fascinated with the ‘unsung hero’, and that’s how I first wrote him. But, after I started writing him, JM drifted away from me and became his own person; he wasn’t me anymore. It surprised me, pleasantly, and I’m still looking forward to where his journey will take him.”