Red Djinni

To date, the best known stories of the Red Djinni revolve around the young superheroine Amethyst, now a Mach Two operative and trainer of Echo who began her career as a vigilante in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. From 1988 to 1992 they had a tumultuous relationship, first as deadly rivals, then as reluctant allies, and just before his disappearance, as lovers. His past was spent as an outcast, committing various acts of theft to survive. His association with Amethyst seemed to suggest a new lifestyle for the Djinni, and by the end he was reportly assisting Amethyst as a crimefighter. Though his stint as a vigilante was short-lived, he was for a time the most feared man by several organized crime families in the upper west side. The rumours were ludicrous. Some claimed he could disappear in plain sight while others said he grew knives from his very hands. As far-fetched as the rumours became, they all spoke of one frightening ability – Red Djinni could appear as anyone he wished, even as one of your nearest and dearest. With the Djinni around, you couldn’t trust anyone.

In 1992, the Red Djinni disappeared for good from Manhattan, only to resurface a few years later as a new force in the metahuman underground. To this day, there is still no record of his real face. He still wears the mask. He has never been caught. The Djinni has gathered a small band of mercenary specialists who sell their talents to the highest bidder. Be it theft, kidnapping or assassination, they are known for diligent planning and brutally efficient execution. Now operating on an international scale, their current whereabouts are unknown.