Art & Icons

Everyone loves art, especially those of us at SWC! We’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful artists contribute to our gallery, and we want to share that artwork with you!

Icons and Avatars
Want to show off your love for Secret World Chronicle in your chats, on messageboards, or via Twitter? We have 150×150 jpegs for you to use and spread the love about Echo, CCCP, and even those baddies that make us cringe. To save these for your own use, just right-click and select ‘Save Image As.’

The following images feature the artwork of Adam Mancilla, a talented digital artist whose work is featured as the ‘cover’ of our fourth podcast installment, World Divided.

Invasion Artwork
Larry Dixon designed the cover for Secret World Chronicle: Invasion and has been gracious enough to allow us to share that work with YOU, prior to the March 2011 release of the first book. Click on the links to open the artwork, or right-click and select “Save Link As.”
Invasion – portrait style
Invasion – close-up of the Death Eagle