Author/Voice: Veronica Giguere

Veronica Giguere began her work with SWC almost five years ago with the simple phrase, “Well, if you’d like me to try a reading, I’d love the chance.” Since then, she has grown as a voice artist and writer for SWC as well as other ventures, An educator by trade with a background in mathematics and ocean engineering, Veronica has lent her voice to various research and campus promotional endeavors for the Florida Institute of Technology. She is also a contributing writer and worldbuilder for IncubatorPress, and has published research on the effectiveness of podcasting in higher education settings in the Journal of Management & Engineering Integration.

Veronica’s site, Voices By Veronica, provides more information on her voice services as well as her ongoing projects, while her personal site, DawningSky provide information about her more creative ventures in writing and voice. You can follow Veronica on Twitter at @vforvoice.