Real Name: Seraphym
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Nationality: The Infinite
Metahuman Traits: Divine Fire

Seraphym simply appeared the day of the invasion. Like the apocryphal Angels of Mons, she turned up, apparently simultaneously, all over the city, saving heroes in the nick of time. Not by wielding great power, but by wielding limited power with pinpoint accuracy and unerring timing — the flash of fire in a visor, the flaming sword taking out a knee joint. A moment of rescue, and she was gone only to appear elsewhere. Strangely there were no videotapes, no movies, no photos of her; pictures of her show only a wash of light.

The invasion over, she took up a kind of residence on top of one of the skyscrapers, where she could, now and then, be seen brooding down on the city. Seraphym claims to have been sent by what she calls “The Infinite,” though for what purpose she will not say. She is able to see the futures—plural—all the possible futures. This is how she knew where to be when, the day of the invasion. On that day she was given only one command and great freedom to fulfill it—to save as many as she could.

She must be very careful sorting through all the tangled lines of the possible futures; it is a difficult job and one that would drive a mortal mind mad. Mostly she chooses to work, again, with pinpoint precision, by aiding in small, specific ways certain individuals that she can see are key.

One of those is the anarchist John Murdock.

And there is a great deal that she is not permitted to do–including to reveal those futures to mortals.