The Thule Society

Little is known about the contemporary paramilitary organization known as the Thule Society. Notorious for their February 15, 2004 attack on dozens of targets throughout the world – most being Echo facilities – the Thule Society has not issued any manifesto to the media explaining the reason for the attack. Given the massive casualty rate amongst metahuman extra-legal law enforcement operatives, it is widely believed that the “invasion” was intended to reduce metahuman opposition to further actions.

Historically, the Thule Society (Thule-Gesellschaft in German) was formally declared distinct from the Studiengruppe für germanisches Altertum ‘Study Group for Germanic Antiquity’ in 1918 by Rudolf von Sebottendorff, a German mystic. Though officially disbanded by Hitler, the organization had entrenched itself in the Nazi leadership. Several occult themed military projects have been linked to this secret society.

By the closing days of World War Two, all known Thule Society members had vanished.